God desires to be in relationship with us.  He created us and has redeemed us for this very purpose.  When we spend daily devotional time with God, we submit to His will.  These daily devotions will help you explore the word of God and listen for God’s voice in your life.
imageedit_14_7777993567  go Tandem
   Great for those people
   who are just starting
   out in the devotional 
   process, has mobile
   options including texts
   as well as recorded
    phone calls.
imageedit_7_6806747063    The Upper Room 
    A Methodist devotional
    for those who may have
    been doing devotionals
    for some time and are
    ready  to take it to the next
imageedit_9_9155843984   Our Daily Bread
   Our Daily Bread has been
   around since 1956 and is a
   traditional devotional.  Also
   available in iTunes or
   downloadable MP3.
  Proverbs 31
   A great starting place for 
   women who are just
   beginning their discipline
   of being in the Word on a
   daily basis.