Petal United Methodist Church is a church steeped in Wesleyan Heritage.  We strive to worship God passionately, show radical hospitality to all persons, intentionally grow people in faith, and send people out to proclaim the good news.  We consider Scripture to be the primary source of our doctrine and practice of ministry.  Yet, we hold to tradition, reason, and experience, as we interpret God’s will for our life as a church.  What does this all mean?
We are a people who love God in all things.
We are a people who love others, no matter who they are.
We strive to transform the world one person at a time.
We encourage discipleship instead of membership.
This can be seen in our core values:
ENGAGE all people and meet them where they are.
CONNECT people with God and others.
GROW people in faith, fellowship, and service
SEND people to the ends of the Earth, sharing the good news!
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