Petal UMC Youth Ministry provides a space for students in grades 7-12 to continue to grow in their faith, and into committed disciples of Christ.
Our youth group has a lot of diversity; we have band students, volleyball players, softball players, MMA trainees, video game aficionados, and lovers of Sci-fi novels.  They love, act, and think very differently.  Think of how WELL they can compliment and influence each other as they live out their liveds in Christ!  That is why staying connected is so important  We are one body and we need each other to thrive.
On Wednesday nights youth meet for Rooted.  At Rooted, the kids study scripture, discuss it, and have a time for worship.  This is a good time in the middle of the week for them to check in, make sure they are drawing their sustenance from God, and re-focus on Him.
The Suday night youth experience is called Connection.  At Connection, the kids connect with each other by eating together, hanging-out together, playing games, having a time of worship, and, essentially, just “doing life” together. 
Along with growing in their spiritual life together, the youth enjoy many relationship building activities throughout the year.
Showing some love to Ben during reTHINK on his last Sunday
Kayak Trip
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2016 Baccalaureate Breaksfast