My Prayer

My prayer for you is simple:

I pray that your life will be transformed into the person God wants you to be. 

From my experience, such transformation calls for growth in faith. Faith growth isn't always what we think or even desire. God has often put me in places I didn't want to be just so that I could grow. It seems, by the way, those experiences have had the most lasting impact in my Christian journey. 

Praise and prayer are also required for transformation. There is just something about getting on our knees before God; and even more, recalling God's acts in our life. Amazing how sharing what God has done in your life has such a life-transforming impact.

Perhaps the most amazing transformation moments of my life have come from relieving the suffering of others - that is, doing something for others or going beyond myself. God's word makes it clear: Loving others is half of our identity. Without it, transformation can never be complete.

If you are looking for a such transformation, perhaps we can help. Pray about it. Come and see. Then pray some more. We'll pray with you and for you. Who knows? Maybe we are the place God wants you to go. Regardless, my prayer for you is the same: May your life be transformed into the person God wants you to be.